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Hose / Tubing:
High Pressure Tubing, BIB Hose & O-clamps

Soda Dispenser Depot carries a complete range of tubing for every need.
We can also custom quote your special needs.

If there is something you don't see here, email us or just call (704) 827-7400.

Hose / Tubing

Hose and tubing is sold by the foot. When purchasing online, after adding hose/tubing to your shopping cart, adjust the quantity ("Qty") to equal the length of tubing (in feet) you want to purchase.

Item ID# Description Price
5151 1/4" ID Braided Hose
Commonly used on CO2 gas lines
$0.30 / ft.
7123 3/8" ID Braided Hose $0.48 / ft.
5152 3/8" ID Bag-in-Box Hose
(Figure approx. 4' of BIB hose needed per syrup pump)
$0.50 / ft.
5115 1/4" ID Non-Braided Hose
3/8" OD — 125 max. PSI
$0.40 / ft.
5116 3/8" ID Non-Braided Hose
1/2" OD — 100 max. PSI
$0.50 / ft.
5161 3/8" 15 Line Bundle Tubing $7.00 / ft.
5162 Foam Insulation Tubing
6' section
$4.00 ea.
5163 Tape Foam Insulation
30' roll
$21.00 ea.

Oetiker Clamps

Item ID# Description Price
8138 13.3 O-clamp $0.25 ea.
8143 15.7 O-clamp
Commonly used on 3/8" High Pressure Tubing
$0.25 ea.
8169 17.0 O-clamp
Commonly used on 3/8" Bag-in-Box Tubing
$0.25 ea.
8150 10.5 O-clamp $0.25 ea.
8151 11.3 O-clamp $0.25 ea.
8152 12.3 O-clamp
Commonly used on 1/4" High Pressure Tubing
$0.25 ea.
8153 14.0 O-clamp $0.25 ea.
8154 14.5 O-clamp $0.25 ea.
8131 Installation Kit (Pincer + O-clamps) (orange) $16.95
8111 Pincer Tool (orange) $12.95
8129 Installation Kit (Pincer w/ Side Cutter + O-clamps) (blue) $24.95
8118 Pincer Tool w/ Side Cutter (blue) $22.95

High Pressure Hose

Flexible braided tubing. Recommended for all soda & beverage uses. Easy to work with. EVA core & wrap is unusually transparent, enables easy product inspection. High strength polyester braid. Smooth cover resists abrasion. Cleans easy. Not recomended for hot sanitizing or where working pressures exceed 200 psi. Food grade material complies w/ FDA CFR Title 21.

Solid Polyethylene Tubing

Non-braided tubing used for syrup or water lines not requiring high pressures. Less flow resistance than vinyl. Odorless, tasteless, non-contaminating. Resists cracking. Strong and stress free. Commonly used between syrup pump and dispenser or other non-high pressure applications. Food grade material complies w/ FDA CFR Title 21.

Bag-in-Box Clear Tubing

  • For BIB Syrup Transfer
  • Odorless, tasteless & non-toxic
  • Thick tubing walls for added strength & crimp resistance
  • Clear vinyl for product visibilty
  • More flexible than rubber
  • -20 degree to 150 degree temp. range
  • Food grade material complies w/ FDA CFR Title 21

Bundle Tubing

Bundle tubing most commonly used between the syrup pumps & dispensing station. Provides neat, professional installation. Hosing enclosed in a heavy vinyl covering. Food grade material complies w/ FDA CFR Title 21.

O-clamps & Jaw Pincer

Using the jaw pincer and O-clamp will give you a leak proof fit. Use the same tool the professionals use. No more screwdriver hose clamps stripping away because of overtightening. Slip the O-clamp on, crimp it down and you are set!

  • Fast and easy to use — Half the time as conventional screw clamps
  • Cuts old clamps off with ease
  • Provides a leak-proof seal

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