3/8" 13 Line Bundle Tubing
Includes One (1) 1/4" CO2 Line

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3/8" 13 Line Bundle Tubing
NSF Certified


  • Twelve (12) 3/8" ID (internal diameter) Lines for Syrup and Water
  • Ten (10) Non-braided Syrup Lines (Uses 14.0 O-clamps)
  • Two (2) Braided Lines for Plain Carbonated Water (Uses 15.7 O-clamps)
  • One (1) 1/4-inch Braided Line for CO2 (Uses 12.3 O-clamps)
  • Heavy Vinyl Covering

Hose/tubing is sold by the foot.

3/8" 13 line bundle tubing is most commonly used between the syrup pumps and dispenser, providing a neat and professional installation. Food grade material complies with FDA CFR Title 21 and is recommended for soda fountain and beverage uses not requiring high pressures.

Includes ten (10) non-braided lines for syrup flavors and two (2) braided lines for plain and carbonated water. Use 14.0 O-clamps for the syrup lines (non-braided) and 15.7 O-clamps for the water lines (braided).

Also includes one (1) 1/4" braided line for CO2, which uses 12.3 O-clamps

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