Standard Carbonator

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Item #: 7006
Standard Carbonator
NSF Certified UL Certified


  • Standard Carbonator
    Dimensions: 6" W x 15" D x 13" H
    22 lbs

    Spec Sheet
  • Gas In: 1/4" MF
  • Water In: 3/8" FPT
  • Soda Out: 1/4" MFL
  • Tank In: 1/4" MFL
  • Motor: 1/4 HP / 115V / 6.0 amps
  • 3 Prong line cord
  • 100 Gallons Per Hour

Standard carbonator that produces refreshing seltzer (carbonated water), at a rate of 100 gallons per hour, to be enjoyed on its own or mixed with BIB syrup from your soda fountain. Fully automatic and can be separated for remote installation of motor and pump assembly. The tank can be submerged in a cold water bath or kept in a refrigerated area. Compact size permits installation in locations previously considered inaccessible

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