Seltzer Soda Gun Fountain System w/ Remote Chiller (REMANUFACTURED)

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What You Need to Supply:

  • Water supply
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas
  • Electricity

(We can help you locate syrup & CO2 for your area)

Seltzer Soda Gun Fountain System with Remote Chiller
Wunder-Bar Soda Gun Wunder-Bar Soda Gun Carbonator Tubing and Primary Regulator Remote Chiller
NSF Certified UL Certified


  • NEW 3-Button Wunder-Bar Soda Gun
  • Remote Chiller
    (Size availability is based on current inventory. If you have space restrictions, please let us know.)
  • Remanufactured Carbonator
  • Primary CO2 Regulator
  • Completely Pre-Assembled Ready To Install
  • Water Source Tubing & Connectors Not Included
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Complete, remanufactured, seltzer soda gun system with remote chiller. This complete system is designed for residential or commercial applications. The soda gun dispenser easily installs in numerous locations and its compact size will blend in a variety of settings without eating up valuable counter space.

Set up to dispense soda water (seltzer) and plain water.

This system uses a remote chiller for refrigerated cooling. This type of heat transfer cools a water bath that the soda water and syrup lines run through, eliminating the need for a cold plate or ice.

Very simple hook-up. The lines have been pre-assembled & labeled. ALL of the fittings have been professionally clamped for easy installation.

Also included: Primary CO2 regulator, high pressure hosing, carbonator, and remote chiller.

Brix Kit

A brix kit is used to achieve exact syrup-to-seltzer (carbonated) or syrup-to-plain water (non-carbonated) ratios. A brix kit includes a syrup separator and a ratio cup. The process of brixing a soda valve takes only a few minutes per valve and will give you a standard flavor result.
Add a brix kit to your system order today!
If you purchase a complete system and a brix kit: We will supply the appropriate syrup separator for your valve type or soda gun. Not applicable to seltzer-only systems.

With your purchase of this system, you will receive an Installation Guide in the form of a Digital Download PDF that includes a link to the Start-up Procedures video for your system. We also offer FREE technical support to our customers via telephone and email.

This is a remanufactured system. All of the tubing is new. The support equipment is remanufactured (unless otherwise specified). We pressure test, performance test, and bring each component back to manufacturer's specs. The components were previously used so they may have minor dings and scratches due to normal use.



All REMANUFACTURED systems will ship with NEW CARBONATORS and the purchase price will be increased by $225 above the advertised price, when you add a system to your shopping cart.

If you would prefer to have a remanufactured carbonator, contact us for assistance.

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