Stainless Cabinet for 22-inch Ice & Beverage Dispenser

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Item #: 61220
Stainless Cabinet for 22" Ice and Beverage Dispenser (front)
Stainless Cabinet for 22" Ice and Beverage Dispenser (demo)
NSF Certified


  • Stainless Steel Construction
    Dimensions: 22" W x 29" D x 30" H
    Spec Sheet
  • Front Panel Storage Access
  • Shipped Assembled

22-inch Stainless Cabinet Stand perfect for placing your 22-inch ice and beverage dispenser. Pre-drilled holes allow for mounting the dispenser to the top of the cabinet stand using the holes for the dispenser legs (mounting bolts included), providing a safer installation.

Removable front and rear panels allow easy access to the inside of the cabinet, where you can store support equipment (carbonator CO2 tank, etc.) on the floor. The flanged design also allows you to cut and place your own shelf inside the cabinet to keep supplies off of the floor.

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