Seltzer Tower Non-Electric Soda Fountain System w/ Cold Plate

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What You Need to Supply:

  • Ice
  • Water supply
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas

(We can help you locate syrup & CO2 for your area)

Seltzer Tower Non-Electric Soda Fountain System with Cold Plate
Non-Electric Carbonator Non-Electric Carbonator (detail) Non-Electric Carbonator (inside) Non-Electric Carbonator (cutaway) Tubing and Primary Regulator Stainless Needle Valve (side) Cold Plate
NSF Certified UL Certified


  • NEW Stainless Tower with One (1) Non-electric Valve
    Dimensions: 6" W x 9" D x 16" H
  • NEW Cold Plate
    Dimensions: 8" W x 12" D
  • NEW Non-Electric Carbonator (5 Gallon) with Quick Connects
  • NEW Primary CO2 Regulator
  • Two (2) Ball-lock "Quick" Connectors with 1/4" Barbed Stem Fittings
    (Gas IN [gray] & Seltzer OUT [black])
  • NEW Stainless Steel Needle Valve for Seltzer Flow Control
  • Completely Pre-Assembled Ready To Install
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The cold plate must be placed in a customer-supplied cooler or container and the cold plate must be covered with ice/icy water before and during use.

The cold plate must be located within 5 feet of the dispenser in order to maintain a cold delivery of soda or seltzer.

Complete seltzer tower non-electric soda fountain system with cold plate. This complete system is designed for home or office use. The stainless dispenser is compact in size and blends in a variety of settings without eating up valuable counter space.

This system is ideal for applications where running water and electricity are not readily available. Simply fill the non-electric carbonator tank with cold water and charge with CO2 gas (100 lb) and in a few minutes you can serve sparkling soda.

Set up to dispense soda water (seltzer) only.

Very simple hook-up. The lines have been pre-assembled & labeled. ALL of the fittings have been professionally clamped for easy installation.

Also included: Primary CO2 regulator, high pressure hosing, non-electric carbonator (with quick connects), stainless needle valve, and cold plate.

Brix Kit

A brix kit is used to achieve exact syrup-to-seltzer (carbonated) or syrup-to-plain water (non-carbonated) ratios. A brix kit includes a syrup separator and a ratio cup. The process of brixing a soda valve takes only a few minutes per valve and will give you a standard flavor result.
Add a brix kit to your system order today!
If you purchase a complete system and a brix kit: We will supply the appropriate syrup separator for your valve type or soda gun. Not applicable to seltzer-only systems.

With your purchase of this system, you will receive an Installation Guide in the form of a Digital Download PDF that includes a link to the Start-up Procedures video for your system. You will receive our PDF document on how to purchase your Bag-in-Box syrup and how to locate CO2 gas suppliers. We also offer FREE technical support to our customers via telephone and email.

Note: the Non-electric carbonator is not addressed in the PDF instructions — the video below will show you how easy it is to set up.