6-Flavor Support Equipment Package w/ Syrup Racks (no cooling device included)

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What You Need to Supply:

  • Ice
  • Water supply
  • Bag-in-Box (BIB) syrup
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas
  • Electricity

(We can help you locate syrup & CO2 for your area)

6-Flavor Support Equipment Package w/ Syrup Racks (no cooling device included)
Carbonator Tubing and Primary Regulator Installation Kit One (1) Syrup Pump w/ Secondary Regulator Six (6) Syrup Pumps on Three (3) Double Rack Tiers
NSF Certified UL Certified


  • NEW Support Equipment Package
  • Configured for 6-flavor Ice & Beverage, Counter Electric or Drop-in Dispensers
  • Specify Flavors and Tubing Size
  • Includes Installation Kit
  • Includes Syrup Racks
  • Four (4) Feet of BIB Hose per Pump

Six (6) flavor support equipment package with syrup racks (no cooling device included). If you already have a 6-flavor ice and beverage, drop-in or counter electric dispenser, this support package will help complete your system set up. Please specify tubing size (3/8 or 1/4 in.) and Bag-in-Box connectors (Coke, Pepsi or Generic) when you place your order. Check your dispenser to determine which size of tubing it will require. If you do not specify tubing size, you will receive 1/4 in. tubing.

Note: Product pictures may not accurately represent included items. See the itemized package details below.

REMEMBER! You still need to provide water, electricity, syrup, CO2 and ice (unless your dispenser is a Counter Electric model, which does not require ice).

Package Includes:

  • McCann's Big Mac Carbonator
  • Six (6) Syrup Pumps Assembled with Bag-in-Box Tubing and Connectors (please specify Coke, Pepsi or Generic)
  • Complete Set of CO2 Regulators
  • Three (3) Tiers of Syrup Racks (double-wide)
  • Installation Kit with Pincers and 25 O-clamps
  • CO2 Line Tubing and Fittings:
    • Six (6) O-clamps
    • One (1) 1/4 in. Tee
    • Three (3) 1/4 in. Swivel Nut
    • Three (3) 1/4 in. Stem
    • Three (3) 1/4 in. Nylon Flare Washer
    • 20 ft High Pressure Tubing (1/4 in.)
  • 100 ft of High Pressure Tubing (your choice of 3/8 or 1/4 in.)