Triple BIB Syrup Rack

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Triple BIB Syrup Rack
Triple BIB Syrup Rack Shelf BIB Syrup Rack Legs (Outer View) BIB Syrup Rack Legs (Inner View) BIB Syrup Rack End Cap BIB Syrup Rack Splicer Optional BIB Syrup Pump Mount with Riser (Demo)
NSF Certified


  • One (1) Triple-wide Rack
    Dimensions: 39" W x 18" D x 12" H Assembly PDF
  • Optional BIB Syrup Pump Mount with Riser
    Adds 23 inches to the assembled rack height

    Note: the "Quantity" field equals the number of rack tiers you want to purchase---UNLESS, you select one of the options that include the "Pump Mount w/ Riser."
    In that case, the "Quantity" field will multiply the tiers and risers in the selected option. (E.g. Entering a "Quantity" of "4" and selecting "4 Rack Tiers + Pump Mount w/ Riser" will result in a purchase of 16 rack tiers and 4 risers.)

Triple-wide rack for holding Bag-in-Box (BIB) syrup boxes. Stackable with slots on the sides that work with Flojet and SHURflo Snap-Fit Base Plates (sold separately; links below) for easy pump mounting.

Modular construction; no tools required for assembly.

Purchase of one rack tier also includes:

  • 8 End Caps

Purchase of multiple rack tiers also includes:

  • 2 Tiers
    • 8 End Caps
    • 4 Splicers
  • 3 Tiers
    • 8 End Caps
    • 8 Splicers
  • 4 Tiers
    • 8 End Caps
    • 12 Splicers